About me

That's me. Bedazzled.
I blog because I love words. I especially love phrases that involve calling someone hairdo, start with "For fuck's sake..." or end with "...whatever, seacow."

I am married and homeschool my two kids. Why?  Because it's tough out there, and I want my kids to be smarter than your kids.

I believe we should tax the rich. Heavily.

I believe When Doves Cry is still an excellent song and that if there is a heaven, it will sound like the White Stripes.

I live in a bucolic college town in a fly-over state.

I believe that Great Expectations is one of the greatest novels ever written and should be required reading for anyone who plans to talk to people or otherwise participate in society.

Those chicken feet are made of kitchen gloves.
This costume, which I made for my daughter when she was four, is my magnum opus

I write here about the various strategies my family employs to eek out a family focused, middle-class existence in a country where the economy has been shit-canned and the culture is dying on the vine. Together, my husband I work about 45 hours a week, so that we can stay home with our kids. It's a setup that requires an almost-daily hat trick, fueled by critical thinking and strategery. It's an absurd but good life, so I write about that, and about my kids because they are preposterous, and my husband because I adore him.

I am genuinely happy to have you here as a reader, and hope you find something that interests you.

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